Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

The Husbands went out to go play pool and drink cheap booze ($2 Tuesdays!) I got the little kids to bed more or less on time, the older kids were playing a video game in the basement... I thought, "ah... quiet... I can play my game, read a little, have a few minutes to myself..." I should know better.

I managed exactly 15 minutes of alone time. Then Almost Brother-in-law showed up, in a chatty mood. Then my mom called. Then Other-Husband called. Then the older kids wanted to goof around before bed. Then ABil still wanted to talk. So I came over to Other-Husband's to watch Chopped and get some peace... but he followed me, and yakked my ear off for a whole episode. Then Other-Husband called again and insisted I talk to him while he walked home (drunk as a skunk) and now he's here...


I love my guys, I love my family, but goddamn, I just want a few minutes of peace!

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