I said. This was at my local grocery store. There is a sample booth and yesterday it was hamburger in a sauce. The sauce was on sale with a coupon. So I took the coupon and said I will think about buying the product. One guy in the booth (there were 2) started waving the packages in my face, so I said "I just what the coupon and may get this later", he waved it again. So his partner said "thats alright." Sorry with coupons they have an expiration date which means you don't have to buy it that day. Later on I met my mother and she had the packages and coupon, it was 60 cents for two packages. It wasn't that great, tasted like soy sauce, very salty soy sauce. Thats all we bought. We did go back later, I got a delish marshmallow donut and soda all for $1.30 which I ate/drank in the cafetaria. She got milk which was why we went back. We did go to another grocery store (between going to the first one twice) where I bought a few bottles of flavored water (grape) and my mother bought about 3 items including sausages which we will have today.