especially the ones at the college/university level. I've witnessed so many students arguing with professors about how they (professors) are wrong about what they have spent their life, time, money teaching and studying, just because said student was raised in a household where the opposite was taught.

For example, at a lecture on the sources of the world's religion, my professors stated (roughly paraphrased) that a lot of stories from religion are essentially the same across the board with minor or major tweaking, depending on whomever is telling (like the various creation stories, flood stories, etc.)
A student says "Yes, but Christianity is the only religion that has someone actually rising from the dead."
Professor: "I can assure you, that's not true."
Student: "Yes it is."
Professor: *heavy sigh*
Student: "Well prove it's not true!"
Another student, in the back: "THAT'S WHAT HE'S DOING IF YOU WOULD JUST SHUT UP!"
The student then starts to argue with the professor, the professor is trying to (politely) shut her down, and then finally someone asks the student if she has a Ph.D.
Student: "No."
Other student: "Well then you need to shut the fuck up."

I've noticed that this happening more and more and it's not a debate or banter. It's students telling teachers they are wrong because the student believes one thing and can't be open enough to listen to another view and just reject it later (if they choose to do so.) Is it just me?

But to all the teachers; You are awesome for putting up with so much!