to everyone who commented on my post from last night.

Everything that was going on in my life just hit me at once when I woke up. I really believe I might had went into a full blown panic attack if I didn't write out my thoughts and post them here. Y'all are the best and I feel I have people that I can go to for advice that actually seems genuine. Up to the point of joining any of the Kinja groups, I have felt had/felt that way. Which is strange cause y'all are internet strangers.

My next course of action is to get my sleep patterns set. After I will be talking to my doctor about my anxiety that has been building up. Hopefully everything else will fall into place.


PS. So I decided instead of waiting for my vacation, I am going to start learning things now. I have already went back to Codecademy to back on my lessons (Thanks Whosits!), I picked up books/printed out instructions for book folding(Thanks Burt!), I picked up a beginner knitting kit (Thanks almost every one of you who commented on that post!), I picked up new walking shoes, and an armband for my phone. I am excited to try ALL the things. However, I know not to overwhelm myself so I am starting slow.

Once again y'all are the greatest!

Now I am going to do like Tiana


and hopefully stay asleep for a little while. See you when I wake up!