So I’m a social science major in school, minoring in counseling. I’m taking my first ever counseling class this semester (YAY!) and it’s Therapeutic Play, an intro to the field of play therapy. Play therapy is typically used in counseling children to help them process and express their emotions. In April we have a self-directed project due, and I’ve already decided what I want to do, and I’m so stoked.

Dollhouses are a tool used in therapeutic play for helping clients act out family dynamics or to assist in remembering childhood events. So, a friend of mine who does woodworking is going to help me build a dollhouse, and I’m going to design and decorate it to be used in play therapy sessions. I. AM. SO. EXCITED, I can’t even tell you. I’m just so thrilled to be taking classes that I’m deeply interested in, and this is also giving me all kind of feels about when my mom bought me a dollhouse that we decorated together when my aunt (whom I was very close to) was very ill. We really bonded over decorating and building the house, and I know it was an escape for me then, so I’m really excited to delve deeper into how activities like this can assist children in therapy. I’ve been researching different design ideas all evening and I am just so enthused.

What are you excited about currently, GT?