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I just watched Sister Wives with my geeklets...

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Well, that was interesting. It was a Q & A show, and the geeklets had about 50 more questions, a piece, for me. Och och och.


Trying to explain polygamy to a 13 and 7 year old, in a way that is age appropriate (while they are giggling and making eww faces) wasn't on my 'Great List of Potential Topics and Teachable Moments'. I hadn't really considered what I would say, it wasn't on my radar.

When I told them that it's a part of their religious belief, and that it's a sect of LDS, of course they asked if our neighbors were polygamists too. I'm grateful they asked here instead of asking them directly.


The upside is that the Brown family seem like decent, regular folk. I was able to tell my geeklets that even though it's not a lifestyle *I* would choose, they're still just people, dealing with the same kinds of things that most families do.

At this point, I'm really trying to teach them empathy, acceptance, and giving everyone a fair shot on an individual basis (not being a judgey butthole).


Did I pass? Fail? I figure that neither of them is going to be interested in joining a FLDS church, I do think they need to not make eww face if they happen to meet someone who lives that lifestyle.

How did your parents, or you as a parent handle these types of conversations? I nearly always feel like I'm doing this wrong.

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