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I just went on a rant on FB...Maybe, I was harsh?

So, a good friend of ours posted this comment on FB, regarding the cost of oil:

"Vermont Edition covered this topic last night, and I was glad to hear at least one caller comment that oil should be expensive, and that's a good thing because it will change our over-consumptive behavior."


That comment really me rubbed me the wrong way. It just sounded so, privileged. So this was my response:

"Living in Vermont, I don't believe in his sentiment. We live in a rural state, with harsh, long winters, where public transportation is almost non-existent. There are many people in this state, whose economic situations are unstable, namely the poor and the elderly. While working at VFDA, I can not tell you how many people would call, to basically beg for fuel, because their oil tanks were empty. Not to mention, people who probably have to make the decision of whether to buy food at the store or put a few gallons of gas in their car, in order to get to work. Cutting back on fossil fuels and looking for alternatives, is a great thing to do, however, there are many people out there that don't have the access to those opportunities."

And this is how she responded:

"That's a great point. I do think there's a lot to be done with building efficiency though, so that it's less expensive to heat. But currently with oil being so cheap, efficiency upgrades don't pencil out. Further, even when our oil is at it's most expensive, we're still not paying the full environmental and human costs of getting it, and we're also not factoring in cleaning up after we pollute our air, water and climate to get the oil. Right now, we're trading our land and water - and peoples health ultimately - for cheap oil."


I'm sorry, but if you are poor and can't put oil in your tank or gas in your fucking car, how are you supposed to pay for efficiency upgrades to your home? I know what she's trying to say and looking into long term solutions, but folks out here are trying to heat their homes and stay fed. It's a good sentiment to have, when you live in a heated home, have access to food and the financial ability to put solar panels on your roof, but shit. AND YET, WHY DO I FEEL LIKE AN ASSHOLE?



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