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Welcome To The Bitchery

I just witnessed the most amazing grey comment I've ever seen

It basically says fuck the pope! I mean, I more or less agree. But this is a fun one. I don't want to link it here and be an asshole, so I will tell you about it instead.

Fuck the pope, not because:

-He gives zero shits about half of his congregation (the females)
-He has done nothing to undo the "condoms don't prevent AIDS" bullshit in Africa.
-His approach to the homosexuals is "let's just not talk about it." I'm not talking Americans who want to have flashy gay weddings. I'm talking about many nations in Africa where they are killed, where the Church is active and has a voice.
-He has not done any work to redress the rampant, institutional abuse that the Church hid and protected for decades (correct me if I'm wrong. I've heard nothing on the topic), other than half a dozen PR stunts.


No, fuck the pope because....

He's not making Hobby Lobby (??) give health care to its employees!

I can't even begin with that one. It's too hilarious.

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