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I keep losing my white friends...

I've had a couple more people unfriend me on facebook, all of them white. A few of my other white friends this past year have gone radio silent. On my birthday last week, most of the people who sent me greetings were not my white friends.

The only thing i've done in the past year is become more vocal about my native american heritage and how i'm taking part in language/culture revitalization. Oh and i've started posting more articles about race,social justice and mental health issues (specifically adhd, cuz that's what i have) in america and in Indian Country.

And sometimes I think i'm seeing patterns that may not exist....

ETA: Guize! Guize! My husband is all concerned now cuz I'm crying at your responses. He's taking me to lunch and shopping even though he's sick. I'll try to respond individually when we're done. :')


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