Whenever I volunteer for something I don't take into account what pop culture fanatics will volunteer for it as well and look silly.

First: I signed up for the English course "Thinking with Abbeys". The description was nice enough, but it filled a requirement and the time was right which was why I took it. I assumed we would read books about abbeys and discuss them; turns out, it's filled with big fans of Downton Abbey. Parts of our assignments are to watch clips and the class often devolves into discussion about the characters at a level far beyond what we're required to watch, instead of the literary work we're reading.

Second: I have to do a presentation in my narrative class and I got to pick the day based on the assignments. I was nearly at the end of the table so most of the days were taken when I got the paper, and I ended up on a day filled with Sherlock Holmes things because it sounded the most interesting. Both of the people on my team are Sherlock fanatics and were ecstatic that they got to pick a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch to put on the presentation. I mentioned that we could show a Sherlock clip to express how fabula and sjuzhet cross into media and one girl spent the next 20 minutes just...watching Sherlock.

My life is weird.