...which it is not. Normally, this would be a good problem, but I have a final on Saturday. Saturday is tomorrow. DAMMIT.

I haven't studied nearly as much as I planned to at this point. I got a lot done yesterday but there is just SO MUCH MATERIAL TO COVER. I also REALLY need to do well on this final. I've gotten Cs on both of our previous tests. I never get Cs. I have an A average on the quizzes, but they aren't worth much at all compared to the tests. Under other circumstances, it might not bother me so much, but I'm only still taking classes in order to apply to for a dietitic internship and those are very competitive so I really can't afford a blow to my GPA. The professor has also said not to worry if the numbers don't add up, he will look at you grades and give you the grade you deserve. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!??!

Tonight There is a going away party I need to at least make an appearance at, and I have tickets to a concert (although I won't be too bummed if I miss it because it is a 3-day long thing, so I can go the other 2 nights) Anyway, back to studying. Wish me luck please!