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in spite of all my better judgment.

It is easily the most fascinating and creepy thing I've seen in awhile. Zulily has struck me as being for the middle class deal lovers, and not exactly the place to feature things that looks like it was designed by Tim Burton's weird cousin. At first I thought it was just a normal design. Then I realized the branches are deer antlers and the deer's head is held up by some kind of hand tree.


There also appears to be some kind of floral lollipops and I understand them even less than the rest of it. It also comes in pink because of course.

On the pro side of getting it, its made of cotton so I could wear it in summer unlike most of my scarves.* On the cons side, there's the possible that it will creep me out too much.** Also, there's a Ren Faire coming up and I like to have all the spare money to drop there. But that scarf is amazing, and will I find anything that amazing at the Ren Faire?

*I love scarves like other people like shoes, or bags.

**I know, someone named after a Tom Waits song shouldn't find anything unsettling.

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