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The bf has been feeding this group of stray cats for a while now. He’s pretty attached to them (well, to one of them especially) and I think it’s kind of adorable how cute he is with them.

The oldest cat, the first one he cam across who is mother to the other ones, just had a new litter of kittens (which clearly is not ideal). And then... SHE ATE ONE OF THEM! Let me say that again. SHE ATE HER OWN KITTEN.


I am so disturbed by this. First, it’s disgusting and second it totally destroys my mental model of her personality. She ate her own kitten. I don’t think I’ll ever look at that cat the same way again. She’s just a tiny fuzzy cannibal. I know (from some upsetting googling) that there are a variety of reasons that she might do this (and, yes, also that those reasons apply to dogs too) but having it actually happen in my actual life is... BLERGH.

Team Cat, tell me why I should love her again? What are the best things about cats that will make me forget her horrible kitten-eating?

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