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I Know I am a Curmudgeon and Judge Judy...

...and I know plenty of people don't care about these things, which is great for them...

But it bothers me when someone whose job is writing publishes an article with a bunch of grammar mistakes. When someone pays you to write, I feel like you should know your it's/its, faze/phase, whose/who's, etc. Those three are all mistakes I have seen in the last 24 hours (and not just on Jez/Gawker).

I hiccup sometimes in writing - who doesn't? - but a) my job is not a professional writer, and b) do they not have anyone reading over their work before it is published? I guess b is more of a question than a criticism. If they don't have anyone reading over it, they SHOULD.


Okay. Back to my porch to aim my hose at the neighborhood kids.

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