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So my grandma just came yesterday to visit from overseas. I don't really see her often at all, and we're not super close because of the distance. Anyway, we're chilling in the living room, and she just asked me what my bra size was because my boobs are small. I'm wearing a pinny (like a lacrosse pinny) with a bandeau top (not bra, really) underneath. Yeah grandma, I'm 22, I sure as hell already know that I have small boobs (I'm 32A) and have had small boobs since I was like 12. This is not news. At all.

Then she was like, "You know there are push-up bras that help, right? They would look good when you're wearing a dress or going out!" Um, again grandma...I KNOW. I'm 22. I know what a push-up bra is, and I have some. But I fucking hate bras, so no, I'm not going to wear a push up bra under my pinny right now because FUCK THAT.

I responded that I don't really wear bras and like my small boobs. I told her that if I'm wearing a formal dress, yeah, I might wear a push-up bra for it but that I don't go to formal events often, so no need for a push-up.


And she said this all in a "I-mean-well" kind of way. But you know what? I'm too old to give a shit about my small boobs not being ideal. Actually, I really love having small boobs because it just fits me and the clothes I wear. Plus, I hate wearing bras. I don't wear a bra to work, ever, under my scrubs. I can get away with it!

If I was, like, 16...what she said would've probably really hurt me. But nope, like I said, I'm so over this "small boobs must be enhanced with push-up bras" thing and her comments just made me roll my eyes. I don't even care. I'mma do me, grandma. You do you!

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