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I know I shouldn't wade into the Gawker greys...

But I do, sometimes, and there's stuff like this: (for some reason I can't link it)


I don't feel like replying to the pro-Reddit twit , because I've argued with dozens of him before and it's mentally exhausting, so I thought I'd just put up a few bullet points of my own two cents and see if you guys want to talk more about where Reddit is/should be going (or any large scale fora for that matter, Gawker included):

-Racist speech is not "non-violent". No oppressive speech is "non-violent".

-The overwhelming majority of the population (at least those with access to the internet) probably does know what Reddit is, considering their huge user base. Not to mention that Reddit has been in the news (r/jailbait ect. anyone?) before multiple times.

-People who threaten harm on an online forum may very well go on to do real harm. And this is the crux of the issue, which is also incredibly feminist: dismissing hurtful, hateful, or outright threatening comments as "oh they're just boys being boys! it's harmless!" belies the real toll that those comments take on their intended targets. Be it rape threats to women, or horrible racist garbage to POC's. That IS real harm. The harm IS being done in real life, even if the medium is the internet.


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