Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I know I'm being crazy, but ...

Buster is getting a dental today. He’s TERRIFIED of vets — he starts shaking as soon as we walk on the front door and doesn’t stop until we leave. And I don’t know if he somehow intuited that I had to leave him today, but whatever it was, he was like twice as scared as usual. Violent shaking, trying to hide his head under my arm, which he’s never done. And he just looked so miserable and scared as they carried him away, craning his neck back trying to keep his eyes on me as long as he could.

It’s an anesthetic dental, so they have to keep him most of the day, and I am just a wreck. I hate when he’s scared, and I hate it 1,000 times more when I can’t be with him, and I just want to take him home and snuggle him, but I can’t pick him up for like 6 hours. My poor sweet baby.


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