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... and also the letter sternly informed me not to tell anyone “for security reasons,” but I can trust you guys, right?

You’ll never believe it, but I just learned that I won a substantial amount of money in the Canadian lottery!

I have never played the Canadian lottery, but apparently in Canada it’s possible to win without ever buying a ticket. And all I have to do to claim my winnings and begin my life of leisure is pay $2,500 in “non-resident tax.” Sure, that sounds like a lot of money, but they sent me a totally legitimate check for $2,850 that I can cash just as soon as I wire the money, so I still come out ahead! I can’t lose!


In unrelated news, I ran into one of the owners of the dog that attacked Buster while walking the dogs last night (or rather, she saw me from down the street and chased us down). She’s an older woman who doesn’t speak English very well, but she remembered both the dogs’ names and wanted to make sure Buster was still doing well. And to apologize profusely again, and let me know that they’re still working with professionals and they don’t let their dog out of the house without a muzzle anymore. It was very sweet — she was genuinely concerned about Buster and thrilled that he was doing so well.

Made my night. I mean, not quite as much as learning that my money woes are gone forever, but still. Yay for responsible dog owners.

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