Hey y'all,

I think the majority vote was for Galaxy Hut in Arlington. I'm thinking maybe around 5 or 6 pm? I need to know BY TOMORROW the amount of people coming so I can call them. PLEASE RSVP.

The address is 2711 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA. I think someone mentioned it was near a metro! If you need a ride, let me know. I live right near a metro stop and would be willing to carpool. The place is a 21+ establishment, so bring an ID even if you're not planning on drinking. They have yummy sounding food as well.

Please, please, please RSVP using this poll before Friday (if anyone knows how to embed the poll, let me know, and I'll change it).

Heads up: I will also repost this every day so people can see it...sorry to all the non-Birthday Bashers. I love you, I wish I could send you cookies for dealing with this! HUGZZZ! :/