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Welcome To The Bitchery

My boss just asked me if I knew of any good graphic designers for her annual report. I do not know these things, so here is what she said: it is 16 pages. She wants someone artistic with an eye for color. She has rights to a small collection of art and she would like to use one of those images and take it through all the pages somehow, or possibly just get some sort of recurring color theme like paintbrush strokes. She wouldn't mind someone who was a digital artist sort of person. She would like it to be optimistic and not dark in mood. She would like it to not look stock. I've asked her to send me a link to a comparable report from another company that she mentioned, and I'll update and repost when she does.

Are any of you guys interested in it? I figured I'd offer it up here first before I took it to people my friends recommend. It's a nonprofit and I am assuming that their budget is on the small side as far as something like this, but I do not know about the funding. That'd be between you and her.


ETA: I checked here first just to see whether there were enough people here that I could tell her that I'd looked into it and waste my evening instead of working. I will let you guys know when I have anything a bit less tenuous.

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