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I know people don't really do this any more...

...but when I was in high school in the early 2000s, I knew quite a few girls who would proudly say, "I'm such a Carrie!" Re-watching old Sex and the City episodes on HBO (I can't do the censored ones on E!), I was struck again by how annoying Carrie is and how I can't understand how people, even teenage girls, identified with her. By saying you're a Carrie you are admitting that you:

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-Think it is appropriate to wear any of these in public.

-Write a sex column, yet have sex in your bra and judge people for being bisexual, fond of golden showers, or into anything remotely deviant.


-Ask inane questions like, "What comes first, the chicken or the sex?"

-Spend $40,000 on shoes and have no savings for retirement or emergencies.

-Shame your friend for not offering to lend you money to buy your apartment and guilt her into giving you her old engagement ring.


-Make terrible puns.

-Force your friend to leave your party because she got a chemical peel and has scared some of the guests.


-Call the woman marrying your ex, "The idiot stick-figure with no soul."

-Get bored after a week in Paris, despite LOVING FASHION.

-Choose Big over Aiden.


Of course, I'm saying this as a bitter Miranda type. But I tend to think of GT in general as Miranda-ish with smatterings of Samantha thrown in (looking at you Groupkink!)

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