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I know that guy

I just watched the season 2 finale of “Man in the High Castle” and I’m super sure that this particular scene with the very big crowd cheering at the Nazi command is Trump’s personal wet dream.

Since the first appearence of Inspector Kido I thought he looked familiar, for some reason (sudden laziness, whatever) I never checked IMDB and then promptly forgot about it until it very suddenly clicked.

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Hello Paul Wang, one of my crushes from Space: Above and Beyond (I had many, but they were all equally important! But you can keep West, he was boring)

And now all I can think of is how unexpected season 2 of “Man in the High Castle” ended and how much I want to rewatch my beloved short-lived Space Marine Adventure series. I remember how I thought it was much different from the rest, how grim, how hopeless, how real. “Who monitors the birds” stands out among others, but seriously, this one and Babylon 5 was a kind of wake up call what’s actually possible on TV. And we’re talking years before “Heroes” was hailed as the future of TV and story telling.
Though (and yes, at this point this post is all over the place), I still remember very fondly watching the first couple of minutes of “Heroes”for the first time, the intro, the music and just knowing that magic was about to happen. This magic was short lived, but season 1 still stands suprisingly well on its own.

This is what happens when I watch TV late at night and let my thoughts wander. Time to do a little nostalgia tour

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