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I Know the USPS is/has been/will forever be Beleaguered, but...

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this shit is unreal. I have always been extremely sympathetic to the USPS since it really is beset by so many regulations and nonsense, and it's not an easy job on the individual level, plus who doesn't love getting mail? However, recent events are thoroughly concerning. We typically have substantial mail every day, both of the junk and the desired types. In the last week, we have received Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupons, my parents' checks (forgivable, they used to live here), and the following pieces of mail:

  • A supply catalogue addressed to a banquet facility across town
  • Mail (a whole delivery's worth) for an acquaintance who lives several streets over
  • Mail addressed to the TOWN POLICE STATION
  • And two packages for a neighbor four houses away (on two separate occasions)

This is all extremely worrying. Last month, my paycheck arrived ten days late (helloooooo bounced check, my credit thanks you) and currently, Mr. Farce is expecting some VERY IMPORTANT mail regarding his future employment. I cannot fully describe my apoplexy over all of this.


Get your shit together, please, Town Post Office! Our well-being literally depends on you!

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