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I know there are some "The 100" fans here, so let's chat about it.

Obviously *SPOILERS*

So Finn was annoying and a lame attempt at a heartthrob/love interest/human being before, but now he's done, right? If psycho boy is talking him down from massacring a village, you know Finn's the worst. I hope he dies. He has no purpose. Raven has a new love interest, and Clarke & Bellamy are obviously on the slow build path, so Finn's death would be an excellent plot device to extend romantic tension. And again, he's the worst.

Raven continues her awesomeness with calling out Abby with the whole "yeah, you sent your daughter and 99 other children out here to die. You shouldn't be surprised that they won't let go of their behavior that led them to survive." And she didn't hit Abby back, so bigger person.


So Mt. Weather created the Reapers, right? That's what the whole Lincoln evil doctor thing is about? But they don't consider the Grounders/Reapers human and they send one to hunt the other for blood transfusion supplies? And now they have convinced Jasper to be a willing participant in the transfusions, they could probably convince the rest of the 47 to help, right? They don't need to hang them and drain them.

Jaha lives! Unfortunately. What does everyone think about the environmental layout probability presented? The desert is a day's ride from the lush forests. Seems unlikely. Here's hoping that Jaha will be permanently out soon.


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