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... but it bears repeating. I fucking HATE it when I accidentally stumble over to other parts of GM from Jezebel or something and I start reading the comments and get all riled before I even know what hit me. I just ended up on this article (the article itself is not the issue because Kat Callahan is great) and the first thread in the comments features this delightful exchange:

Commenter 1:

According to "men's" products, we're all too stupid to have separate products for hair, body, and face, so combine them into one. We're also too stupid to make jewelry purchases on our own so we have to go to the store and be taken care of, because that's too complex for us. Need us to kill a spider or change a lightbulb? Sure, we love that kind of men stuff. Also, can you grab me a baconator from Wendy's? I'm hungry for red meat and spite.


Commenter 2:

It's ok, we're men. It's not sexist for us. Just for women. Who want to be women. But also men. Even though they're not men. But they want to be treated like people (but secretly like women)...but only by women. Because men are evil.

As far as I can tell.

It goes on from there (extensively), with commenter 1 being all like, WHAT ABOUT THE MENZ SEXISM IS A TWO-WAY STREET WAHH!

Normally all of this wouldn't bother me, but I'm feeling particularly annoyed with willfully ignorant dudes at the moment so I have limited patience.


I wanted to respond, but I also don't want to engage and get myself riled up even more. Plus, Kat seems to be handling things. I'll have to be content with rolling my eyes so hard I give myself a headache.

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