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But I just saw this post linked on my facebook feed and I thought it was really good.

Yes, you can be an ally — though if you're telling queer people shut up and take what they're given, you aren't one. If you're demanding we allow you to support equality in a way that isn't actually good for the people who need that equality, you aren't one. Real allies are great, but their voices should not be heard above the voices of the people they are purporting to help. We should not have to feel as though we aren't allowed to speak about our own issues. If Macklemore really wants to support the LGBTQA+ community, "Same Love" is not enough. Shouting "And Mary Lambert" over his shoulder as he walks offstage at the VMAs is not enough. He needs to promote queer artists and make space for them to speak. Because as long as he takes, without recognition of his privilege, the place he's been given as the voice of equality, he is harming us. As long as the voices of straight, cisgender supporters get more attention than the voices of queer people, we are not equal.


I don't really feel like arguing for or against Macklemore anymore today, but I thought this succinctly explained the issues I see with him, coming from an actual queer person, so I think it has more teeth.

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