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I Liiiiive! (p.s. I was sick, poss. TMI)

Hello, friends!

How I've missed you all! I had what I believe to be The Period From Hell over the weekend, presumably brought on by switching to a low-dose pill, but SURPRISE nope my body was incubating a vomit virus and today is the first day since Sunday that I've kept anything down. I'm still a liiiiittle afraid to eat certain things (vomiting a thick crust pizza has turned me off of thick crust pizza, so far as I can tell), but I ATE TODAY and it didn't come back with a vengeance a couple hours later!


The really fun part of this vomit adventure was that, even though I was on my damn period, I freaked myself out with the idea that I might be pregnant. I had nightmares about it in between sessions with the porcelain god. There are literally no actual facts/symptoms that back up this conclusion, but there it was, pregnancy nightmares.

So how is everyone on this Thursday night? For the first meal I've been able to hold down for days, I made a pasta with a basil pesto sauce and steamed vegetables. It was delicious. Now I'm relaxing with the pet rat, the husband, and the dog and internet-ing like I haven't for days.

Does anyone wanna play a game of CAH? I can open one up! Let me know~!

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