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​"I like girls like you."

I know this is about a week late, but I had a pretty fun New Year's Eve. I hung out with my friends at a bar that didn't charge obscene cover and had a view of the local fireworks show. I rocked a little black dress, fishnets, and heels (which I almost never wear.) I kissed a few strangers at midnight and ended up going back to a hotel with a group of three guys and one of my friends. Things were getting hot and heavy between me and one of the dudes when he said something that stopped me mid-make out.

"I like girls like you, thick girls."

Ugh. I am 5'11" and a size 14/16 depending on the brand of clothing. I know that if a guy is trying to hook up with me that he must be attracted to full-figured women. But the way he phrased it was just a complete turn-off. Suddenly I wasn't a person, I was a body type.


It's not like I expected him to say he brought me back to his room for my sparkling conversation. Still, there is a way to express appreciation for physical appearances without lumping people into a category. For example, I like men with facial hair, so when I see a fine specimen I'll say, "I like your beard." This statement is different from, "I like guys with beards." One is a compliment to a specific person and the other is just a declaration of my preferences.

I've had this happen with my hair too. Guys walk up to me and say, "I like redheads." Cool story, bro, but that is a lame pick up line. If you want to talk to me, then show some courtesy and at least pretend to be interested in ME, not just some part of me.

Epilogue: My friend and I decided to head back to her house and he got pissed and said, "I probably won't text you," as we left.

I responded with the truth, "I don't really care."

He did text me, a few hours later, but I never replied.

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