I like bylaws and rules. I get very upset and distracted and a bit (okay extremely) angry when people break clearly posted rules.

Like, in the park near me has a lake thing in the middle. There are signs everywhere that say "no dogs in lake." When I was heavily pregnant and walking around the lake, I saw a guy, standing in front of that sign, throwing his little dog in the lake.

There are also signs all over the park saying "it is prohibited to feed the pigeons." YET there are always people standing, feeding pigeons, right next to that sign!

I also get inordinately irate about loudtalkers, to the point that I have had to leave restaurants in the past because it was making me upset to the point of being unable to eat.

I sound crazy, right? It's just my thing. I'm calm about everything else.

Anyway, today we went to a park and botanical garden not far from here. Some jerkoff with an evil child was near us, and the kid was running after the geese. Now, kids do that stuff, but this was bad. He was getting very close, actually grabbing feathers, absolutely tormenting these birds, and he was a bit violent.


What made this extra bad was that his douchenozzle father was standing there, all chill, saying "grab the tail! grab the tail!" and egging him on. Then he said "let's go over there. There are ducks too!"

I tried to say something but a belligerent oaf like that doesn't listen to a short lady with a baby in a hippie wrap, right?


Anyway, they carried on, toward the ducks, and I just felt futile and frustrated. Then husband apples says "HOOO BOY! LOOK!!!!" and some other guy had started having an absolute go at this jerk! He was just a guy about our age, with his wife and two kids, not someone you'd expect. It was the most glorious thing ever!

I was so thrilled to see someone else speak up that we caught up to them just so I could congratulate him on telling that jerkoff off.


It has made my day.

Any other indignant, huffy types out there?