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I like this article - 18 Things Women Shouldn't Have to Justify

Here. I think that it is particularly quite applicable to teen girls or women in their early 20s. But um, the comments. There are a bunch of comments stating how these issues could very well affect men too, so why isn't there an article about that? Or why is the title gendered? Definitely lots of MRA shit going on in there.

I'm just...sigh. Many of these points are issues that are more relevant to women than men, plain and simple. Or rather, forget relevance—society judges women on their stance/decisions on these points more than it judges men's stance/decisions.


One commenter said this: "An equal society won't be achieved when these goals are met. An equal society will be achieved when it isn't necessary to put the word 'women' in the title."

Okay, I get that sentiment. However, fuck that. Honestly, we can't get from point A to point B without going through the path in between.


And another commenter said that this was feminist bullshit. HOW? These points don't even have to be written under the guise of feminism (although the article is tagged with "feminism," "women's rights," etc.). They're just things to take into consideration, especially for young women who live in this very hostile society and need some guidance and some self-love. I would've loved to have seen this when I was 17/18, you know?

Meh. The article made me happy. The comments, as usual, made me want to shoot laser beams of wrath out of my eyebawllz.

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