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And I want to see your pets too.

He's a hilarious little turd. He is now flea free. He bit holes in my new flip flops, but it's not much damage and doesn't really matter. He throws small stuffed toys for himself to fetch. He's a klutz, he almost jumped into the toilet this morning because the lid was up. I've also seen him unintentionally roll himself off furniture and try to play it off like he was just getting down to stretch. He's been stalking a fly for most of the day, but let's it go every time he catches it. The closet in the hall has a curtain instead of a door, he hides in there and attacks passing feet. When I come home from grocery shopping, I have to empty the first bag and lay it down for him or he will stalk and pounce through the rest of the bags every time I reach for something. I wanted to take a picture of him and he kids earlier today, it couldn't have turned out better:


Now you! I want anecdotes and/or pictures of your kids, animal or hooman.

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