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Weight/working out issues below, so trigger warning!

When I was in college, I gained weight. Antidepressants + slow metabolism + less than stellar eating habits = 40 lbs. I had done a good job of getting in better shape two years ago by running, but I haven't done a great job of keeping up with it.
I want to start up again using the Zombies, run! app and a weight lifting plan. Here's my question:


I hate running on a treadmill because I have body image issues and can't stand people seeing me sweat and bounce, especially given that the cardio area is surrounded by mirrors. The gym has a small, poorly lit outdoor track bordered by woods on two sides—it's on the edge of my not-very-safe town with no other businesses/houses around. I've been told that you're supposed to do weights first and then cardio, but by the time I'm done with a few sets of weights the sun is setting and it makes me a little concerned about running outdoors. I should add that going before work isn't an option because my school day starts at 6:30 and I get out after 4, so it's already starting to get dark.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Does it *really* matter weights then cardio or is that all bunk? Do I just deal and run indoors and learn to focus? Or does everyone have a better cardio suggestion that I should be doing besides running?

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