Do you like clothing, and things that are old? I do. I like them very much. And that is why OMG that dress! is one of my favorite blogs. The author posts photos of vintage and antique clothing and accessories (many from the collections of museums like The Victoria and Albert or The Metropolitan Museum of Art), often on a running theme: a particular month's birthstone, men's dressing gowns, embroidery, undergarments. It's fascinating! But the current theme cemented my love for this blog. It's grey. As in you-know-what-movie. Like so:

Each followed by a caption with the date, designer if known, and owner. And also, at the moment:

Fifty Shades of Grey romanticizes an abusive relationship.

Instead of buying a ticket, donate to your local domestic abuse shelter.

Every few posts, there's one of these doctored movie posters:


I appreciate this. The author is also vocal about issues affecting trans people and I've learned alot a lot from reading their posts on the topic.

(Hyperbole and a Half! Another internet thing you should go look at!)