Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey friends!

Mr. Disconnected and I were just joking around about personal newsletters and I wrote one for his amusement because today I'm waiting around for clients to get their acts together and generally being an ass.


How about you write yours in the comments? I am confident I would subscribe to all of them if they were real.

Here is my sample.

====== Can't see this email correctly? Click here to read it online! ======

Dear {GT},

This week, my clients were idiots, I GT'd like a mofo, my kid did 52 impossible things before breakfast and LOKI LOKI LOKI/gifs/ehehehe.


Thanks, and don't forget to reply because all my IRL friends were A-Holes and got sent Emails and Texts and Letters Of Doom.




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