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I like your style, Vancouver

Guerrilla art is in the news, as citizens of Vancouver are petitioning to "Bring back Boner Satan". He was only up for a few hours before city workers removed him, but the unauthorized public sculpture of Satan giving the devil horns salute and grabbing his erect penis that some enterprising artist managed to *ahem* erect on a pedestal that used to hold a statue of Christopher Columbus in a park near Grandview Highway first caused a bit of a flutter on Twitter and now is the subject of an online petition with over 2000 signatures. And a good bit of humorous protest about religious freedom, and the relative amounts of harm done by Satan and Columbus respectively. And the relative worth of this free public art vs. art the city commissioned and paid for.

In the meantime, Boner Satan is waiting to be claimed by his maker in the city works yard.

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