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I Literally Cannot Even

ManFriend has had a complete panic-freak-out.

Apparently, I want this whole thing just way more than he does? (Particularly rich coming from the dude who insisted we visit my hometown for a holiday weekend so he could meet my parents and see where I grew up, and also insisted on introducing me to his father. Who spent months continuously expressing his sincere wish that I lived closer while giving me g-d puppy eyes.)


Also, my struggles to express emotion in a healthy way stemming from an abusive relationship (among other things) would "Just annoy me after a while, I don't know how long we'd last, but I sometimes think it would only be a couple weeks." - an almost direct quote. See Castle gif above for my reaction to this.

Of course, all of this could just be because he's moody. /so much side eye

He didn't want to get into his flaws, of course, so I promptly informed him of them. Apparently, he's been told before that he's a selfish, self-absorbed prick, and thought he had grown out of it. It almost made me feel bad to inform him that no, he's still very much that, highlighted by his never having thanked me for anything I sent him. (should anyone actually be interested in the entirety of the Saga of ManFriend, I'd be willing to post that but it's... long.) At this point, I don't even know what to do. I already had plans to visit him next month, and I'm probably still going to, but how do I even begin to express myself?

I have not spoken to him all week. I have lost my ability to even, I am so unable to even.

Please to give me cute pictures of fuzzy things and silly gifs? I apologize for the me-centric rant, I just needed to let it out to a community that I love very much and feel totally safe in :)


ETA: we are not living in the same city. I live in DC, he lives in Texas.

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