So I mentioned to a friend that the comments on a Washington Post article were actually starting to restore my faith in humanity.

Naturally, he pointed me to THIS article (about the contraception mandate, of course), and the comments, which are hysterical but also making my soul shrivel up and die a little.

I should know better, the WSJ has always been like this, but GOOD GOD REALLY? Some of my favorite quotes from the article:

"But the Administration's remarkable argument is that if a business is incorporated and for-profit, it forfeits normal constitutional rights. Hobby Lobby is a chain of craft stores that is a closely held, family-run corporation that tries to operate in accord with biblical principles."

"Yet no one is "precluding" anything. Contraception is cheap, plentiful and covered by most health plans."

"The real purpose of the mandate was to minister to the secular left and the so-called coalition of the ascendant, which is why the White House has fought this case up to the High Court rather than simply creating a waiver for religious minorities."

Point of order - what even IS the coalition of the ascendant? Is that some sort of religious-conservative doublspeak for "Young people have these weird ideas regarding 'equality' so we hafta get all these laws and rules in place that benefit us before those youths gain positions of power!"?


It's only just past noon guys, and I already need a drink.