So I'm more than a little drunk right now, because I've had a shitty 48 hours because I share DNA, and I once shared a womb, with a shitty person to whom I'm no longer speaking, except our family and some mutual friends aren't okay with that.

Naturally my medium-distance boyfriend, who last night could only offer me videos of animals on trampolines and pandas going down slides while I cried uncontrollably over skype, contacted my best friend and asked her to help me tonight. Naturally she reached out to me, and had me over for wine and cheese, which ended up back in my apartment (we live on the same street) for beer and more wine.

I mean, yes, I talked about everything with her too, and I feel a lot better, but damn, alcohol helps a LOT.

So she literally just left 20 minutes ago, and OBVIOUSLY I'm stalking GT as I attempt to sober up enough to fall asleep without the spins. And since I gave a half-hearted attempt, like a week late, at requesting posting privileges, clearly I must check to see if I will ever be granted them by checking obsessively 1-1000 times a day.

And I am. So this is me freaking out with drunken happiness that at least something amazing has happened during my days of despair and self-pity.


Also I don't collect gifs. Please don't hold it against me.

Standby for sober posts involving my family that is wonderful except for my twin brother who is evil and the complications of being almost engaged and already planning an elopement-ish while trying to figure out what to do with aforementioned evil twin brother who is engaged to a wonderful woman who won't speak to me since I'm not speaking to her fiancé.


Also I'm over-committed so expect bursts of activity separated by total silence.