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I live in a city in south Florida. Recently, we had a little comic book convention. It had a decent turnout. No big stars, nothing too insane. Just a little geeky convention with a few of us nerds showing up to socialize with other nerds that also live in our area.

The local entertainment blog sent someone to cover the convention. Here is the article. It's rude and hateful in my opinion.

It's a really terrible article. Why would they send someone who is so disdainful of geek culture to a convention celebrating geek culture? She makes clear right off the bat that she doesn't like comics (refers to them as 'ew') and then proceeds to make fun of everyone that attended the event. Those people posed happily for her to take their picture, so she could write an article, and she has the gall to make fun of them. That's petty and unprofessional on every level.


She responded. And in her response, she pulls troll comments about her article up to dismiss any disagreement and doesn't acknowledge or apologize to the people she made fun of in her original post. She complains that she's a geek (geekier than other people there!) and that she's upset people made fun of her appearance, name and credentials in the comments to an article where she makes fun of other people's....well, you get the point. She says that locals deserve better than the convention she went to and that's why her post was so nasty. But in her original blog post she never demands a better convention or says that locals deserve better - she was too busy spending 75% of her two page post making fun of the local cosplayers. (Note: A lot of baby cosplayers try out cosplaying at these tiny conventions. It's a way of seeing if they like something, without having to compete with people like my brother, who cosplays at the professional level.)

When readers of the New Times complained, the Editor in Chief had this to say

“I am very sorry you were offended by the blog posting. It was all meant in good fun. I truly hope neither I nor New Times come under attack by zombies. CES. Chuck Strouse. Editor in Chief. 305 571-7620”

I mean, what an asshole, right? That's the worst non-apology I've heard in a while.


John Barrowman was right, "Never apologize for being nerdy. Because unnerdy people never apologize for being assholes."

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