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I live in some alternate reality

Unlike I think most of the people who post on GT, I don't have conservative family members stinking up facebook, I don't generally get street harassment, my workplace is ethnically/nationally/genderally mixed (big corporate, easily less than 50% white, in a predominantly white country). I think I'm pretty lucky in terms of what I encounter on a daily basis - I know that that isn't the norm for everyone though, and try to do what I can to help things, whether that's speaking up, voting, donating, volunteering, or what have you.

So when I keep seeing posts about people pressured to have babies and all the friends being suburbanites with millions of children, my head goes all confused. While I DO know a HUGE number of people breeding right now, they're almost all urbanites, and none of my close friends but one has any interest in it.

I'm surrounded by people with baby rabies.

Case in point: a close friend has completely stopped speaking to me and has started posting on fb about how gross people with children are and how children should not be allowed out in public. Others go on and on and on about how they'd just like to go somewhere without children being there. I get it, kids can be annoying. Parents who don't control or discipline their kids are the real culprits, but let's let that go for a moment. Who the fuck do these people think is going to pay their pensions and mounting health care costs in 30-40 years?! I don't give a shit if other people don't want to have kids, and I don't care a bit if they don't feel like hanging out in the McDonald's playground, but I'd love for them to get off their high horse and shut the hell up about anyone who has ever made the horrible mistake of procreating.


End rant, thank you for your patience.

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