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Or lip color. Or anything. I've tried so many "experts" putting makeup on me.

I can pull of a bright red, but I only do that on special occasions and I really want an everyday. I love makeup and I think I look a little immature and would love to have some lipstuff.


I have a peaches n cream sort of complexion, but I'm a shade or two tanner than most people with red hair and freckles. I think this throws people off; I look terrible in corals and washed out in nudes and that seems to be where makeup people gravitate with me. I have tried going to the Clinique, Mac, and Ulta service counters and countless others (Mac put this orange shit on me that stayed for THREE FUCKING DAYS).

Just to make sure I am not being ridiculous, I started bringing trusted friends with me and they all agreed makeup counter people don't know how to do my makeup.

Any advice here? Do you have any trusted makeup counters, or ideas?

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