Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm dressing up as Lucille Ball for Halloween this year. We're having a party tonight, but I have to work a half day at work, just to finish some stuff up. My hair is naturally pin straight, so the only way to achieve the necessary curly hair for tonight was to do pin curls last night, sleep on them, and then take the pins out this morning. I'll work it into an actual style when I get home, but I couldn't do the curling and the styling after work, since I still have to cook so much food.

This means that I'm at work with pin-curled hair that I can't really touch. I'm a pony tail type person most days, so this feels very weird. Added to this is the fact that I naturally have a pretty young looking face, so when you add in the curls, I look like this:

Illustration for article titled I Look Like Im 10 Years Old

Only with unnaturally bright red hair. So good that I don't have to meet any clients today. I do not command respect at the moment.

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