I do not have delusions of grandeur when it comes to my tumblr blog.It is pretty much a personal project, and getting positive feedback from other people is the icing on the cake.Today I noticed the loss of a follower at a very convenient moment. I had posted this awesome post about two men who had gotten married after a story that totally needs to be a movie, and not too long after that, my follower count went down by one person. Is it bad that I kind of wish I knew who unfollowed me in order to see if they are a homophobic mess or not?Sure, they could have just disliked getting all those gifs on their dash, but come on! This story is cute as hell, and I regret nothing.Anyway, take this as your reminder to keep on tumbling and ignore the haters.

ETA: Holy crap! people are following me! I hope you don't mind pretentious pictures of breakfast and random pictures of hair. My blog is 30% Social Justice and 70% Pretty Pictures and Art Blog, so follow at your own risk.