You see, my grad school is one of the 55 colleges and universities currently being investigated for Title IX violations.

I calmly let her know that I was not happy with my alma mater being named in the current investigation, and am currently disinclined to consider donating. I probably would have been able to keep my cool, but she then informed me she works with the student safety groups on campus and that I can rest assured that my school has done everything correctly and submitted their paperwork to the government. Further, the investigation is still ongoing with no wrongdoing proven. Still trying to keep my cool, I told her that I understand that often these investigations come about because a student or faculty member accuses the school of wrongdoing and that I would monitor the situation and reconsider, if warranted. She then cheerily informed me that luckily it was just one student making the accusations.


What did she think I was going to say? "Well, in that case I'll donate my entire bank account!"

UGH. I don't know which one makes me sadder. Either the school has instructed their student solicitors to say that when someone brings up the investigation or she really believes that even one time is no big deal and not indicative of a probable larger problem.

Ok. Rant over.