Growing up I had to draw on every surface available. I remember my Mom being not at all pleased about the thighs of my jeans covered in pen art in 5 th grade. In high school I was all about my art classes and when gifted with a Pentax found a love of photography. In fact my guidance counselor arranged for me to apprentice with the photographer for one of the Phoenix papers. Not the Boston one... A lil one. I backed out because I was nervous/insecure and because a "friend" had recently taken up photography but had parents buying all sorts of supplies & whatnot that I didn't have access to and then really talking up "her art" while I had been quietly clicking away.. I didn't want to be seen as copying her as she had already done this with several interests of mine and another friend. She would take some little thing we were passionate about, dive into it 150% with her parents money then my other friend and I would hear "you're copying so and so".
Looking back as an adult? No big deal. But back then I just moved onto other interests but still played a lil bit with photography- taking photos for friends bands, working in a photo lab etc. And I was still drawing.
I applied to a community school for Graphic Art & Design but then didn't go because it wasn't local. And here starts KarenWeNeeded's tradition of not taking the opportunities presented.

I worked in assembly under the table for someone who was able to get me a job in the graphic art department of the company. Didn't take it. Tattooing was finally legalized in my state, I was offered 2 apprenticeships but did not take them. At the time my boyfriend was a piercer working in a shop in the next state. When I worked the desk of a shop he hated it. Wouldn't let me ever tell him about my day as he fid the same thing all day (except not? oh well). I never followed through with an apprenticeship. I took a promotion at my retail job instead since that would mean benefits and more money right away.
Fast forward a few years, the ex and I are done. I have moved home from a state away. Back in retail, drawing at work when I'm approached by a guy who is an artist- opening a shop blah blah blah. He had me drawing up different things for him and was all about me coming to work with him.... Until it turned out he actually just wanted to "take me out sometime".
When I told him I didn't think my boyfriend (now husband) would be thrilled at that idea I never heard from him again. I had mentioned my boyfriend in an earlier conversation. Ugh. So obviously no opportunity there, just a bunch of friends who laughed and said they didn't want to tell me but thought that's what he was up to.

This is such a long rant....

So that was about 6 or 7 years ago. Maybe once a year since then I'll get into a drawing or crafting spree. The past couple years... Not so much. I can't even get started. Just.. Meh. But photography still interests me, but it's such an over saturated field. Especially for SAHMs it seems. Just ugh. I think it's really becoming more obvious that it's just not happening as I was hoping to get back into a groove to maybe sell some stuff on Etsy since depending on my husband for money still isn't easy for me. I have always worked. Not that taking care of a house, 4 animals and a baby isn't work... But you know what I mean.
Has anyone else ever had this happen? Lost your art? Even just lost the desire to find it again?