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I Love Friday Nights (and binging television)

I'm midway through my first large glass of cold chablis from a box, I just ate 1/3 of a bacon-covered pizza, and I'm scanning OKCupid for guys who photograph well.* It's stupid sometimes, the things that make me happy.


*It's harder than it sounds.

I've decided this weekend is the time to catch up on Sons of Anarchy, since Hamlet With Bikers is winding down and I don't want any spoilers on who gets to be Fortinbras.

And I am so completely hooked on Graceland this season, which is weird b/c I did not care about it last season, though I watched (mostly to see if Aaron Tveit was ever allowed to sing—he wasn't, but it was mentioned that he can). But it's been fanTAStic. It's more about the ensemble than the two leads, and there are a bunch of people—women!! POCs!!—who are really shining in their roles. I've watched this week's episode 3 times, and it aired Wednesday at 10pm. It's time for a break. They're doing a great job of fleshing out the ensemble, and telling intriguing stories, and hiding big secrets, and y'all should check it out.


I also still have to finish The Wire, because I'm up to season 5 and I can't leave it unfinished, even if it's the worst season. Because that's what I've heard, but I gotta see it to the end. And season 4 was spectacular.

does anyone do Group Draw anymore? because I feel like making art, but I don't know what I should draw? And yes, I'm now uptalking? Because my wine? is almost empty? so I'll need a refill? And I'm rambling, so....


if you'll excuse me, I have to go find me some good-lookin' trouble.

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