He's seriously awesome.

First, I checked my bank account today to see my paycheck as I get direct deposit. I see my paycheck and another check for $50 in there. So I called my boss and asked what that was, and he goes "oh it's a bonus." I told him thank you, but why? He's like "just because. You're a good worker." D'aww!

Then I told him I'm going to do my best but I honestly don't know if I'll be able to get into work today. I live close to my job but there's no direct bus from my house to it, so at a minimum I'd have to walk about 15 minutes which I don't want to do in this snow. And if the buses aren't running well, I'd have to walk from my house which is a little over a half hour. I told him I'm going to try and get a cab but I'm not sure if any cab places are open today.

He goes to me "well I'm not letting you walk here, but if you can't get a cab then let me know and I'll come get you, ok?"

He's the best.