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I love my doctor! and is anybody here hypothyroid?

Today I went to my doctor here for my first general checkup with her. She works at the local clinic, so the only other times I've gone to her have been when I was sick.

I li like that she took me seriously and was not dismissive. Based on my blood test results I am hypothyroid. Yay for a lifetime of getting to be on thyroid medication.

I also brought up that I feel like I have to pee way more than a the average person. Instead of being dismissive, she has set me up with a urologist. And, I feel like if she hadn't thought I had a problem, she would have been nice in saying so, not condescending and dismissive like my last doctor. Now I just get to see if I inherited my dad's tiny bladder out if there are bigger problems.


It is so nice to again find a doctor I like, not one I want to avoid making appointments with! Plus the people that work in the office are nice.

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