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I love my mom

My mom and I were talking about my future second niece and how lovely it’s to be a grandma in her case and an aunt in my case.
I’ve always been very firm on not wanting to have children and my mom has always been completely fine with it (my older sister is the one who always had to question my choice).
So, my mom and me were talking about how my two year old niece has really been the reason why it’s become easier for me to be around children and I just love her to death. But everything about being an aunt just fixed my decison to not ever get children. So my mom’s answer to that remark was only: “Isn’t it wonderful that you can decide exactly what you want?”
I love her so much and I’m glad I’m not an only child, because she LOVES being a grandma. She was very patient with all of us, but it really was the greatest thing ever for her when she became a grandma.

And completely random, but today I bought an external hard drive, it didn’t work the way I wanted, so I just returned it. Three years ago I’d have agonized for days about it and then decided not to do a damn thing about it.
I like present me.


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