Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Her unsolicited advice is stressing me the fuck out.

First I had to pick a job, and every conversation we had she had to slip in how I just HAD to take the job she wanted me to take and it was my big chance and it made it so I almost didn't want to take the job because I was so pissed off over how insistent she was that she knew what was best for me better than I did. Now I have to get an apartment in Chicago, which I planned on doing the same way Boyrax and I get our apartments for school - call them, have the contract set up long-distance over the summer, then on move-in day sign the lease and move in. She is ADAMANT that I can't do this, even though I've done it multiple times before, and I literally have to spend a weekend driving around Chicago doing nothing but looking at apartments - when there's only one apartment complex I want to stay in that's reasonably priced and close to my job and I'll only be staying there tops 18 months so it's not like I have to set up a long-term living situation.

And then she's telling me I shouldn't just buy a few pieces of cheap furniture from Goodwill for my purposes (all I really need is a bed, a few chairs, a table, and the drawers I already have from my dorm) but go to Rent-A-Center and rent a full apartment. She's aware that I'm going to be paying a lot for my apartment, and helping Boyrax with the apartment back at school on top of it, and she wants me to spend more money because "it's easier and you don't have to move it". While at the same time trying to convince me to take this rocking chair from my aunt in New York, which would involve moving this piece of furniture that I would never use cross-country. So I should make sure to make everything else easy so I can do this difficult thing that makes her happy, apparently.


It's like every decision I have to make that I'm angsting over she knows just the right words to say to make me angst over it more, because she thinks the decision I'm leaning towards is wrong and I need to do her harder/more expensive/more complicated way. Combine this with the fact that she's super excited to come stay with me for a couple weeks when I move and start my new job and I'm going to scream. Or cry some more. Or both.

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